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Welcome to The Flawd!

Do you have a fun, beautiful post you want to share? Something awesomely appealing and flawed? Or maybe you have an inspirational post about writing from your heart something that our community needs to read. Or even if you just like to simply share your Flawed story, then I want to hear that from you.

I passionately believe in supporting our community members by helping them to love themselves, connect and learn from one another. That’s why I LOVE publishing guest posts.

The best part? You get to use the flawd’s social media platform, including the blog, Facebook page, Instagram account, Twitter feed, Pinterest account and anywhere else I can think of, to amplify your blog post!

For a full rundown on the do’s and don’ts of guest posting on our site, please read these guidelines before submitting your guest posts.

  1. Your article must be relevant to The Flawd readers with some fresh topics such as product reviews, makeup or hair tips, motivation or inspiring stories, trends in beauty, 5 Ways to Wear Red, Pink Lipsticks Under Rs 500, etc.
  2. Each blog must be 600-1000 words.Although more the merrier but see that every word brings something new to the community.
  3. Have an awesome headline; headlines are crucial to success of your article.
  4. Blogs should be edited for grammatical errors prior to submission.
  5. Make sure that attached images are your own or copyright free. You must include credits with images, where applicable. No text on photos and minimum width of 700 px.
  6. The nature of the blog is to remain positive and informative.Defamatory or disparaging statements will not be accepted.
  7. I prefer the post written in personalized style, sharing your own experience.
  8. You can include 1-2 links to your non-commercial website, landing pages, social profiles, etc.For commercial links do mention it in the mail.
  9. If your article contains a review, please make sure that your article complies with Google best practices for bloggers reviewing free products they receive from companies.
  10. Contributors who wish to remain anonymous must explicitly state this when submitting a blog. Publishing your name would surely be a thing of pride.
  11. The Flawd Girl will approve content for publishing.

How to Make Sure Your Article Gets Published

If you write an awesome, unique, engaging article, of course I will publish it! The trick is simple: be a star. Do your best to write the best piece possible, make sure your topic is popular and your headline is awesome sauce.

What You Can Include Into Your Article (Optional)

An author bio. If you would like to share a few things about yourself with The Flawd readers, please include a short bio (3-5 sentences); it will be placed at the end of the article.

How to Contact/Mail

Please attach all images as separate .jpg files to your email. I will not accept images inserted into a Microsoft Word document (Word heavily compresses them, reducing the image quality). Please email your submission attaching all of the assets (i.e. images, documents, etc.) to Put the subject of your email as ‘Guest posting for The Flawd’.

Waiting time: I will be in touch within 7 days if I like your stuff!

After Your Article Is Published

Once your post is live, you are more than welcome to share it on your social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook, Google + and Pinterest, and encourage your fans to do so! however it’s not mandatory, it’s entirely up to you. I would greatly appreciate your participation in promoting it. Please continue checking the blog to see the status of your article.

I do not have a budget, so there are NO paid positions at this time. But, I would be happy to provide a link back to your non-commercial blog or other website. I would also like to be a part of your life and passion, so this won’t be a one time contract but a long term one.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, share away!

Thanks for wanting to write for me!

I can’t wait to read your best piece!

Note 1: Any content you submit must be original content that has not yet been published elsewhere. Publishing the same content on multiple websites is what Google deems as “duplicate content” and hurts all sites involved.

Note 2: All submitted material will be edited as needed and will become property and copyright of The Flawd.

Note 3: Above given guest blogging conditions are for freelancer writers and bloggers only. Companies and Brands, please send me your PR inquiries on mail.

Love Nilakshi