Water – The Must Have yet Forgotten Age Old Miracle Drink


You must be thinking, why is she even writing about Water. Everyone knows about water and there is nothing to know more about it anyway. I thought so too until one day when my lips started drying and cracking and I got worried. Do not laugh because I am quite serious about it. 😀

I thought the amount of water that I used to drink was quite enough but was completely wrong. Water makes up 2/3 of the human body. So, it is not a choice but it is something that you need to survive. Especially in winter, we tend to drink less and that is one huge reason why we have headaches and dryness. I am not going deep into the functioning of our body and effects of water on those because we already know about them, don’t we? Somehow, I have come to realize the importance of drinking water and wanted to share how you can start a good habit of drinking more of this miracle drink.

The Grand Beginning

It is really difficult to follow a routine if you make too many changes. Hence I started with just one and that is to have an extra glass of Lemon – Honey water immediately after waking up. I won’t lie but it was definitely difficult at first. But I made up my mind. I started pouring a glass of Lemon – Honey – Water concoction and then let it cool down while I brush my teeth. It took me some time to make it a habit and by some time I mean 2 months.

Now the goodness of this concoction deserves full attention and so I will write another post just about it. In brief, if you spend the extra 5 minutes in morning, your body will for sure thank you in a long run.

Why Water?

The question remains a confounding one given all the beautiful drinks you can have. Forget about calorie rich cokes, energy drinks and processed fruit juices. There are the margarita, dry martinis, cosmopolitan, kamikaze and the list will go on. So, why water when you can have all these awesome drinks.

No doubt, cocktails and processed fruit juices are tasty and coke has become a household name but they all come with a price tag. I am not talking about how much they cost, but how much they damage our health. Once in a while is okay. Everyone deserves cheat days or a humble start. I started small and decided on eliminating at least one of these. I removed processed fruit juice from my diet and instead I signed up for water.

What to do when you get bored of water?

Yes, believe it or not, but I got bored of drinking just water. Initially, I was quite excited but its plain and boring to just drink water whenever you feel thirsty. Good thing that I love my teas. I am more of a tea person then coffee. So, I got lots of different teas and increased the intake. There are so many to choose from that you will get confused and it absolutely rocked my world.

You can choose from the basic green tea, tulsi tea and mint tea to start your routine and for a change of taste. Have you heard of  Infused water? Of course, you have. You just have to add fresh fruits to your water and carry it around for the day while travelling instead of plain water. They look amazing and taste even better. Below are few inspirations that you can start with while discovering your own creation.infused water

The Process

I do not know why I had to remind myself to drink enough water as it is one basic thing that we need to survive and we learn it from the very beginning of life. But, when we have enough, we start ignoring things. Drinking enough water not only keeps you hydrated but it also makes you feel full. And that is one of the many reasons why I started counting my glass of water because I was also making small changes to my diet and I have realized that sometimes when I feel hungry, actually I am thirsty. But this does not mean that whenever you are hungry, you will just fill your body with water and not eat. That is absolutely wrong and don’t do it to as that will not keep you healthy.

Counting is one way to keep track of how much water you had. I keep one half litre cup near my bed and a half litre bottle while out in the sun or on my office desk. I do not count the times I have green tea each day because that is I believe is an added benefit.

Finally, I will share the first difference that I saw. My skin became clearer and supple. And I think that is one hell reason to start drinking enough water. Start small, but start now and you will start seeing a difference almost immediately and I promise, you will love it.

One last thing, I would be ever grateful for your support in sharing this around, so feel free to hit the buttons below to share on various channels. Big Thanks!Love Nilakshi

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