Ultimate Guide To Coloured Jeans

Coloured Jeans

“Don’t be into trends. Don’t make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way to live.” —Gianni Versace

Colours make me real happy and brightens me up at any point of time. Wearing colour is an easy way to look good and feel young. If I could then I would buy clothes, accessories, shoes and everything in every possible color.

There is a reason behind writing this article. It is because, few days back one of my friend pointed at me asking me to leave my green jeans in my wardrobe. It is a true incident and it is alright. Most people are afraid to experiment and hence finds it real difficult to deal with jeans that are not traditional denims.

Personally, I love the trend- it is a great way to switch up your denim uniforms, and the bright cheerful colours are perfect for spring and summer! As with any trend though figuring out how to wear it (without spending a ton of money) can always be a problem.

So, today I want to share few ideas on how to embrace, love and wear colored jeans. You are going to find few chic and fun ideas that for sure will inspire you to at least try yourself a brand new colored pair of jeans. Most of the time, we prefer to wear bright coloured tops with black or blue jeans. You can upgrade your look by simply breaking the rule and try something cool.

What colour you choose will come down to your personality?

  1. Do you like putting yourself out there? – Go for Bright Red, Cobalt Blue, Hot Pink and Emerald Green.
  2. Do you want to showcase your feminine side? – Pretty Pastels are your new best friend.
  3. Bit shy but still want to try the trend? – Go for Mauve, Pine and Aubergine.

Ways to style your coloured jeans?

  1. Try it with Neutral: You can never go wrong when pairing any coloured pair of pants with a black, white, tan or brown top. Pair your bright jeans with a sheer black silk shirt, a white button-down shirt or a cream colored cardigan. It is a good way to let the coloured jeans be the statement.7
  2. Color Block: The more adventurous can certainly try their hand at a bit of color blocking. It has been such a hot trend all around the globe. It is a bold move, but as long as you pair your coloured jeans with another solid bold color, you will look trendy and fun. Finish the look with classy accessories.
  3. Pair it with a Print: Polka dots, nautical stripes, floral prints and geometric prints looks really trendy and playful when paired with colored jeans. Keep your accessories simple like pearl earrings and silver bangles. Finish your look with flats or loafers.6

Final Suggestions:

  1. Do not be afraid to try colors.
  2. Smile is your best accessory.
  3. The secret is in being confident in whatever you wear.

Few Inspirations:

green jeans

  1. All About You by Deepika Padukone : Mint Green, find Here.
  2. GAS : Sea Green, find Here.
  3. ASOS : Khaki, find Here


  1. Ginger : Blue Jeans, find Here.
  2. Forever 21 : Teal Blue Jeans, find Here.
  3. Deal Jeans : Torquise Blue Jeans, find Here.


  1. Forever 21 : Burgundy Jeans, find Here.
  2. Deal Jeans : Mauve Jeans, find Here.
  3. Forever 21 : Mustard Yellow, find Here.

Colored Jeans

  1. Ginger : Red Jeans, find Here.
  2. The North Face : Purple Jeans, find Here.
  3. United Colors of Benetton : Peach Jeans, find Here.

colored jeans

  1. United Colors of Benetton : Rust Orange Jeans, find Here.
  2. Forever 21 : Coral Jeans, find Here.
  3. Kook & Keech : Pink Jeans, find Here.

I get lots of outfit inspiration from pinterest. I have grouped some of my favourites onto my Collection  Board. Please do check out the board for unlimited ideas for you to explore.


If you have any question, share them in the comments below.

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