Night Time Beauty Routine

We think following a beauty routine before a beauty sleep does not make much sense. After a hard day, going to sleep is the first and the last thing we want but, if I, a the owner of lazy bones can incorporate these small changes in my life, then I think anyone can do it. It is very easy to follow routine. Even for some of us, who can not afford those lavish, luxury night creams and serums, we surely do have alternatives that works magnificently. Lets get started,

1. Shower:  only if you can. This will give you a very good night sleep.

2. Cleanse and Cleanse: a easy and effective alternative to shower. Remove your makeup. Brush your teeths. Clean your face, hands and legs with a good cleansing agent of your preference. Pat them dry.

3. Toning: use alcohol free toner that you have. If you don’t have one right now, one can use rose water as well. It works.

4. Food for your skin: if you are among those lucky girls with night creams and serums, then please go ahead. Usually never use day cream as night cream. Those are not of use. Inspite, go for oils such as, almond oil, rose hip oil or olive oil. They are easy on pocket and don’t worry they don’t break out. Use only 2-3 drops and it will be sufficient for your whole face.

5. For your beautiful eyes: would you believe if I say that I have never used an eye cream before. I don’t think so. But really, I normally apply 1 drop of olive oil under my eyes and on eyelashes and that’s it. Try one of your oil. You never know, you may discover some elixir for your eyes.

6. Lips needs moisture too: apply your favourite lip balm. Again, for lips, I use almond oil, lots of it. See the result for yourself.

7. Moisture is what our skin needs: apply moisturizer all over your body, including legs and hands and cuticles and fingers and etc.

8. Hair needs care: Comb your hair and leave it free. If you have beautiful long long hair, then better plait it loosely unless you want to wake up with your face under your hair.

And, a last word, most of the times I do all of above with my eyes half closed within 10 minutes, and I can assure you that after a fortnight of continuous try, it will become your habit and you will love it.  Mix up the oils and try.

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