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I have a very special product to share today. It is one of those product that I can trust blind folded. Because I keep on changing products again and again so pimples and acne tends to visit me quite often. In such case, when I need to switch back to something that I can rely on, than this is the one.

I am talking about a basic face wash but god sent. It is called Jovees Tea Tree Oil Control Face wash. If you ask me the reason for trusting it, then I would say that it has helped me in my difficult times.. haha (something like that).


What does the Brand Jovees says?

JOVEES, a line of herbal skin, hair and body care products is the result of an extensive research putting together power of herbs and power of science. Formulations are based on age old Ayurveda recipes, the herbs and botanical used at Jovees are processed scientifically at the companies’state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities that meet international standards. I always check out the list of ingredients before picking any skin care product and research a bit about the ingredients. Lets see what the active ingredients of this one are. Lemon extracts have antibacterial properties. Vitamin C or Ascorbic acid acts as a mild bleach that removes daily tan and evens out complexion. Olive oil is Great for moisturizing and nourishing skin and helps in sunburn too. It has anti oxidants that are anti ageing in nature. Tea tree oil is a lightly potent anti bacterial and anti fungal so works good in reducing acne and combating oily skin.


It is for oily & sensitive skin , useful for acne & pimples. pH 5.5

Tea Tree Oil Control face Wash contains precious herbs & botanical extracts specially developed exclusively for oily & sensitive skin.It deep cleanses skin,removes excessive oil and helps to control acne & pimples.


Method of use

Moisten face.Squeeze out a small amount of Jovees Tea Tree Oil Control Face Wash on your palm. Apply and gently massage all over face in circular motion. Rinse well and pat dry. Use daily in the morning and evening. Follow with jovees Aloe vera Moisturizing lotion (I never did this step though).

o   Price: Rs 140/-

o   Quantity: 120 ml

o   Shelf Life: 3 years

o   Active Ingredients: Tea Tree extract, Lemon extract, Vitamin E, Olivem.


My Experience?

The color is actually minty and is translucent. It has a gel based consistency and has the fragrance of tea tree oil. Few of you might find it very strong.The packaging is see through plastic so you can see the quantity of product left and has flip open cap. It does not lather much, which is a good indication of lesser SLS. Now, I have combination skin. I normally use this face wash in the morning as it is mild and at the same time, capable of removing oil from the skin. It keeps the skin oil free for almost 3-4 hrs. I need to use a moisturizer right after washing as it dries out the skin a bit.
It does help in controlling further breakout (I don’t know how but it does that). Although it does not prevent formation of acne permanently but helps in reducing it.

To whom do I recommend it?

I would recommend this to all my friends who are facing frequent breakouts that are spreading everywhere and nothing is working at all. I would say, this is worth a try. You can buy the smaller size which comes in 50 ml pack for 70 Rupees.


– Cleans skin well
– Makes skin oil free
– Good for summers (as it dries the skin a bit)
– Removes fresh tan
– Helps with controlling acne
– Travel friendly and affordable
– Sturdy and see-through packaging


– I could not find any (given the price).

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