How To Use Apple Cider Vinegar: Proven Benefits

Apple Cider Vinegar??

Either you already know about it or must have tasted it unknowingly. But this is not an alien word to any of us. This is one of the most commonly found household product which I have used for my skin and hair. I am not going to talk about science and healthcare benefits because neither I am a doctor nor a scientist. But I must share all the benefits that I have reaped from using Apple Cider Vinegar as an essential hair and skin supplement in my daily routine, because sharing is caring and I care for you.

At the beginning, I really wanted to know when & how it all started, so I did a little bit of digging and found that vinegar has been with us for thousands of years. Initially they used it for medicinal purposes and for preservation. Even during US Civil War and World War I, it was used to treat wounds. But we are not going to talk about those things too at least not in this post. What caught my eyes is that in Roman times, they used it as toner and Cleopatra is also said to have used it to clean her delicate facial skin. So my first question was, how did they even know about toner?

Now we know that Apple Cider Vinegar has a long history and reputation to uphold. But is it safe to use because of its acidic nature? ACV is high in malic acid, which is an Alpha Hydroxy Acid (also known as AHA in beauty industry). So it does have great exfoliating properties but you need to be careful about using it daily.

The pH of our skin is around 5.5 which makes it a bit acidic and so when we apply all sorts of things on our face plus pollution and dirt disturbs the natural condition, our skin starts to behave badly and we start hating our skin. Now do not worry any more. Start with the basic and start fresh. I have been using Apple Cider Vinegar for few restricted reasons and I have seen some quite amazing results. Below are the two basic ways to try apple cider vinegar. It is your time to see results too.Apple Cider Vinegar

  1.  Vinegar for DandruffIt is not uncommon at all to have dandruff. Sometimes it is due to not washing your hair or hair condition and sometimes you can blame the weather. But everyone gets dandruff at some point of time, that’s for sure. When I had dandruff, it was devastating. It looks really bad and I can feel your pain too. I have already written another post on how to tackle dandruff. You can read it here. I started using ACV once a week as the finishing step to my hair wash. Slowly I reduced the frequency. Now I use it occasionally because my dandruff problem is gone. Dilute ACV and apply it. You can wash your hair with plain water afterwards to remove the smell but it is just a matter of time before the smell vanishes as your hair dries. It also helps in removing the heavy residues left behind from soaps and shampoos.
  2. Vinegar as TonerFirst of all lets talk about the smell. It is strong and to combat that I use Rose water. In case you are planning to apply it on your skin then you need to dilute it because of its acidicity.  To make the toner, dilute ACV in plain water or rose water (1:2) and keep the mixture in a spray bottle. You can apply it using cotton ball. After the application of vinegar, the smell will take few minutes to evaporate. Be patient till then. When using it as toner start with highly diluted (for sensitive skin) and once you are comfortable then you can increase the concentration.

Internet told me to drink diluted ACV in morning or before food for better digestion and to reduce weight. But guys trust me, the taste is the worst part. I had it once and that’s it, I will never have it again. May be you can try to have it with juice or else salad dressing and if you are feeling brave then have a sip of diluted ACV and you will know that I am not lying. 😀 😀

I have seen results with ACV. It has surely helped me in fighting dandruff and also has removed my acne marks. Apple Cider Vinegar might have many medicinal benefits but I am not going to write about it because I have never used ACV for those reasons so I do not know whether it works or not. But keep in mind to use only good quality of ACV which comes with its mother. I have tried two brands till now and both I have purchased from Amazon.

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