Easy Remedies for Dandruff

Dandruff is a very common and embarrassing scalp and hair condition. Almost everyone goes through a phase of attack from dandruff. There is no permanent cure but there is more than sufficient ways to prevent it.

I too was a victim of this dreadful disorder since I can’t remember, until now. I have tried almost all the remedies my friends and family have suggested, but it always comes back.  So, I came up with a plan to keep dandruff away from my head for greater good.

Dandruff is a condition due to both oily and dry scalp. Normally, dandruff is not harmful unless scratched and which leads to infection. Hence it is always better to avoid formation of dandruff.

Follow the Normal Routine

– Don’t scratch: if you are already a victim then stop scratching with your nails whenever it itches. If itching is too much then, massage with your fingertips, not nails.

– Oiling: always oil your hair before hair wash. If you have oily scalp, then apply oil before 1-2 hours of washing it and if you have dry scalp, keep it overnight. Don’t forget to massage a little bit, again with your fingertips. It is always better to warm the oil beforehand.

– Shampoo: use a good anti dandruff shampoo 2 time in a week for 1 month. You can reduce the frequency with time. So always keep an anti dandruff shampoo within reach. Anti dandruff shampoo has harsh chemicals, hence tends to make hair rough, so keep a conditioner handy too.

– Dry your hair: let your hair dry completely. Do not tie your hair and reduce using drier.

Add on for hair mask and treatment, once in a week

– Curd and honey: apply this mask to your hair and keep it for 30 min ti 1 hr.

– Lemon and honey: apply this mask to your hair  and mainly roots and keep it for 30 min ti 1 hr.

– Oil and honey: instead of oiling your hair the night before, you can apply this pack 1 hr before washing hair.

– Neem: add some neem to water and let it boil. After cooling, use this water to wash your hair. It will help in reducing itching and hence infection.

Last Rinse

– Tea: make some black tea (without sugar and milk) and wash your hair with this tea water.

– Vinegar: mix 1 part vinegar to 4 part water. Use this mixture as a last rinse. It will clean your hair from any residues that may cause dandruff. Use apple cider vinegar for better result. The smell will vanish after your hair dries.

Last note

– Wash your hair on a regular basis.

– Even dust and pollution causes dandruff. So, try to cover your hair when outside.

– Do not stress your hair.

– Eat healthy foods with at least one fruit a day.

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  1. Hi, i try vinegar without success, i’m interested to see the result with neem, maybe a better solution, do you have test it? thanks

    1. so sorry to hear that. Yeah, I have tried Neem too. Neem is also good. You may try it. Do let me know. Thanks and love you.

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