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coloressence eyeliner

It is the end of the year and so it’s time for me to confess. I am not really great at applying eyeliner on myself. Although I can do awesome cat eyes on others but when it comes to my eyes, I just have to give up. I have taught myself not to be disheartened because it is okay not to know things that others can in a second. May be I have some other hidden talents 😀 that I am still not aware of or may be I don’t have any. Anyway, I gave up on liquid eyeliner, long back. I have always admired people with this talent and because it was a big deal so I started practicing. First I started with gel eyeliner, pencil liner and kajal. My hands got better with time and am much better now. So, this eyeliner is one of the first liquid eyeliner which I bought just to try and mess up (because of the price factor) but you won’t believe what happened next. You need to read on to find out.coloressence eyeliner


It was a new brand back in days, but has become quite a household name. Coloressence is the color cosmetics brand of Nature’s Essence. It has many products under its brand name but to be honest I have not used any apart from the eyeliner. They have two lines of liquid eyeliners. The other one has a bit of different packaging. This supreme eyeliner claims to be water resistant and smudge proof. It comes in two shades namely Black and Brown (I think they have added few more shades).


The eyeliner comes in an elongated silver and black bottle that has a compact size. It is easy to carry around and the long cap (handle) gives a good grip. The brush tip applicator is neither too thick nor too thin and is perfect for winging out your eyeliner  The price is INR 125/- and you will get 6 ml of product in it.coloressence eyeliner

My Experience

The texture of the liquid is a bit thick but it glides on easily to give a glossy finish. It dries up quickly and once dried to matte, it lasts for as long as 4 to 5 hours easily. I have used it on a daily basis for my classes. I love it how it does not smudge and smear (because I tend to rub my eyes while sleeping during my class). It is well pigmented and you can built the color in case you want a jet black shade with 2 or 3 swipes. You will need either a makeup remover or coconut oil to remove it because it doesn’t come off completely with water.coloressence eyeliner swatch

My point is, although you can get lot many better eyeliners than this but if you are a beginner and you want to practice and try making cat eyes then this eyeliner is your best bet in the affordable range. I am a student and I know that we always have to check on our budget so until you are capable of buying expensive eyeliners, you might just remain satisfied with this awesome piece. I am on my 3rd bottle and it is still giving competition to my other 3 liquid eyeliners. So, its quite safe to say that it is doing an awesome job. For the price point, just try it without giving it a second thought if you are already in search of an affordable liquid eyeliner.

It is easily available but because there is another eyeliner with almost same name so here is the links to buy it online from amazon:

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