10 Best ways to use Coconut Oil for Skin & Hair

10 ways to use coconut oil

Do you remember the last time your mom applied coconut oil in your hair? I remember her applying it when I was a kid, ages ago. Actually a lot of it. It was like a ritual back then and then adulthood happened. Suddenly applying oil became a passé, and I stopped applying oil. I miss those days now. Recently it has become quite a common sight of me with oil in my hair and face. Yeah, I am not only applying coconut oil in my hair but also on my face and whole body (for various reasons and various situations).

As Indians, we are well aware of most of the benefits of coconut oil. Either we use it as cooking oil (in some parts of India) or else, thanks to our mothers who use to happily slather oil on our hair. Either way, I am sure most of us have already used it for various purposes. So today I will share 10 easiest way to extract maximum wellness from coconut oil, especially for our skin and hair. As a makeup lover, I also have my own reasons why I believe that you too should include coconut oil into your daily care routine.

There is another reason why you should too embrace coconut oil as soon as possible. The reason is winter. Yes, winter brings lots of skin related problems, such as dryness, cracking which causes itching and redness. Coconut oil will surely sooth out our problems like it has done for me.

Why Coconut Oil???

Coconut oil is loaded with good fats that provide us with energy, able to fight microbes in the body and excellent for cooking. It even smells amazing! Coconut oil also is able to penetrate your skin on a deeper level than your average product because of its low molecular weight and the way it bonds with proteins.

Now comes the real question.

Ways To Use Coconut Oil???

Over the weeks I have made a list of how I use coconut oil and ways I know it can be used to get extra benefits. I am not going to talk about the health benefits and cooking recipes because neither am a great chef nor a nutritionist :P). Let’s us not waste any more time and let’s talk coconut.

coconut oil as makeup remover

  • Makeup Remover: I have already made a video on my youtube channel on how conventional and efficient coconut oil is when it comes to removing makeup. You can check the video here. Really guys, you do not want anything else to remove makeup. Just rub it slowly on your face, eye area and massage in circular motion. It can easily remove waterproof makeup and dirt. You might just need a better face wash to remove the oiliness, if you do not like the feeling.


  • Lip Love: Lips are the delicate area which shows the first sign of dryness. Winter is one of the reason for flaking, drying and bleeding lips. Chapped lips does not look good at all (not even with lipstick on). You can easily soften your lips by using coconut oil, either directly or you can also make lip balm or chapstick by mixing other oils.

coconut oil as moisturizer

  • Moisturizer: Coconut oil tends to solidify during winter and so it can be easily used as body butter. It is an excellent moisturizer and it can penetrate skin better than other oils. Slathering coconut oil on your skin will lock the moisture in and will give your skin smooth and healthy look. You can use it when your hands are dry and also will take care of your cuticles.


  • Facial oil: I have been using Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate for last 6 months. I love that one and if you want to know more about it then check here. But when it is really chill at night I prefer applying coconut oil either directly or above and over Kiehl’s MRC. By morning my skin is moisturized and hydrated. You will fall in love with your skin again in winter. while applying directly, use sparingly and do tap tap on your skin and then massage and sleep nicely through the night.

coconut oil as body scrub

  • Deep Cleanser: This is one of my favorite use of coconut oil. Try the double-cleansing method: Simply rub the oil in circular motions all over your face and neck, giving yourself a gentle massage as you go. When you’re done, wash off the residue with your favorite cleanser. This will make your face squeaky clean without drying your skin. Coconut oil is naturally antibacterial and anti-fungal.


  • Oil Scrub: To be honest, if you are looking for a scrub (for face and/or body) then look no further then the kitchen. Just add things like brown sugar or coffee or baking soda to coconut and wallah your scrub is ready. You can easily store them in glass jars and also if you are feeling fancy then can add essential oils and fragrances from fruit zest as a twist. Don’t wait, just try it once or twice a week.

coconut oil as shaving cream

  • Shaving Saviour: This is my recent finding and thank god I found it because the shaving foams are too costly for me. It will give you one of the closest and smoothest shaves. Even hours after shaving, your skin will feel moisturized, silky and soft. The razor went easily over the oil, and everything was so smooth. No red bumps either. It was fantastic.


  • Sun Protector: Normally oil and sun protection does not go well with each other. I am using Neutrogena sunblock with spf 50 pa+++ (you can read about it here). So when I found that coconut oil has spf of 4, I was a bit surprised. I found that coconut oil can block 75% of UV radiation and it basically protects your skin for 40 -45 minutes. That’s a good amount of protection if you just have to go out for small work.

coconut oil as hair mask

  • Hair Mask: Coconut oil hair masks, in particular, have risen in popularity given their ability to penetrate the hair shaft to moisturize and repair from within. They’ll also leave your strands shiny while repairing damage from all aggressors like salt and chlorine.It is very simple to make hair mask with coconut oil. Mix honey, lemon, egg, avocado, banana and many more to prepare hair mask according to your concern. Apply thoroughly and let it rest for hours before washing it. You will surely love the result.


  • Hair Conditioner: With coconut oil, you can do deep conditioning of your hair at home. Just warm it and apply it. Let it sit for an hour to overnight before washing your hair. While other conditioners work from the outside in, coconut oil is able to work from the inside out. Due to its anti-fungal nature, it also provides relief from dandruff. It’s an excellent conditioner and helps in the re-growth of damaged hair as it stimulates blood circulation in the scalp. It brings back the softness to your hair thanks to its bountiful medium chain triglycerides (or fatty acids).


I am sure by now you are sold to coconut oil. But if you are yet to get convinced to include it into your daily skincare and haircare routine then scroll below. You will surely be amazed by what you can do. I found this awesome info-graphic about coconut oil and I was dying to share it with you. Comment below if you decide to try making any of the products in home.

homemade products using coconut oil

My two favorite brands of coconut oil are Parachute coconut oil (buy here or any nearby grocery stores) and Patanjali coconut oil ( buy here or buy the tub size from the store which I prefer during winter season). Have fun with coconut.

One last thing, I would be ever grateful for your support in sharing this around, so feel free to hit the buttons below to share on various channels. Big Thanks!

Love Nilakshi

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